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Jess: This basically what I do when bored- compile lists of things. If I feel like it, I might add the commentary of some random friend. Which will probably happen. This is what I call the 'H' List- the hot list. It has all guys on it. Yeshhh. Basically the 'H' list has the guy's picture and 3 reasons that I, Jess, lvoe him. *sighs off into hottie land*

Anyway, the 'H' List is subject to change, so don't feel hurt if your favorite guy gets booted down a couple numbers or if your guy isn't even mentioned. If you know a guy (or guys) who should DEFINITELY be on the list, mail me at with your list, some pictures, and reason why that guy should be on.

 WARNING! I might not choose every guy because... well, because it's MY list of hot guys. So isn't it reasonable that I should only choose the ones that are- surprise!- hot to me? For example, I'm just saying it right now- DO NOT spam me about this- but I think that Robert Pattinson is absolutely, positively UNattractive. But whatever. REMEMBER! No spamming me about how hot Rob Pat is because nothing in the world- NOTHING (and trust me, a lot of my Twilight Obsessee friends have tried desperately to change my mind)- will change my mind. Not even one or two hot pictures of him, because generally, Robbie just don't got it.

Edward does, though. :p

 Note: List is unfinished. Also, not in any particular order. They're just hot.

Mikey Way, Post Black Parade

That's right, Mikey. Stare off into the distance... As long as the distance is me...

1) Ever since the laser eye surgery, he's become a beast. A shmexy beast, that is. >.<

2) He actually looks hot in the before and after pics. Haha.

3) He plays BASS. He's a MUSICIAN. It doesn't get any hotter than musicians. WHY, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

...It just DOESN'T.

Just look at the Way brothers for proof. 

Comments from Renzo:

He, uh... he looks like he's... dead. And I never really liked dead guys. Yeah. That's about it,

Rating: Also subzero out of five.

Gerard Way

*fans self*

 How hot is thee, Gee Way?

Let me count the Ways:

1) He's a singer of the hottest thing since the sun. Which is pretty... oh, I don't know.... HOT!

2) Those intense hazel eyes combined with that hair. Don't get me started on those precious locks...

3) HIs. Voice. Is. In. Tense. It makes me feel so calm. Especially when he sings Heaven Help Us...

Comments from Renzo (who wants the readers to know that she's a girl.):

Okay. He needs a haircut, less eyeliner, and oh, yeah. He's NOT hot. And regardless of Jessinia's obsession, they [she means My Chemical Romance- I know. I think it's blatent blasphemy, too] suck.

Rating: Subzero out of five

Tom Welling

Don't even TRY to tell me that my boo, Tom Welling is not hot. Don't even TRY. EVER. Or I will hunt you down with pitchforks. Just think I won't. I DARE YOU.

1) He plays a superhero. Who's hotter than Superboy?

2) He's TOM FREAKING WELLING! HE WAS CONSIDERED AS EDWARD FREAKING CULLEN!!! AND THEY CHOSE ROB PAT INSTEAD!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE, I ASK??? HOW??? My theory? Mafia connections. No other (logical) explainations. And NO, space aliens ISN'T logical. ...I already thought of that one.

3) He wasn't a male model for nothing. I'll tell you that much. Mmhmm. 

Comments from Renzo:

Okay, now, I always used to like Clark Kent- as a character- [because] you know. Superman and everything. He was nice. But now that I've found out that he was a male model, I'm slightly freaked out.

Jess: I hope you're not thinking, like, runway model.

Renzo: No, I'm not. It still freaks me out. And it's a very funny picture.

Rating: 3 out of 5

James Marsden


Oh. My. God. Forget about "EDWARD FREAKING CULLEN". How about SHMEXY FREAKING MARSDEN! Seriously. That should be his NAME:

James Schmexy Freaking Marsden.


2) Only he can make stretching (wasting) a perfectly good sweater look hot. Stretch that sweater, Jamesy! Stretch it!

3) Cyclops. X-men. Superhottie- I mean, superhero.

Comments from Renzo:

He's cute, but he's married. So my rating goes down.

Jess (mentally): Yesh! I got one right...

Rating: 3 out of 5

Joe Jonas

Nick Jonas? Meh. Kevin? Sure, whatever. Joe? Oh, ye- WAIT. Did you say Joe? AS IN JOE JONAS??? *cue fangirly screams* Although I must admit that I am not fond of his tendency to wear lip gloss. (Watch his duet with Demi Lovato in Camp Rock. His lips are suspiciously shiny.)

1) He's the singer of the JoBros. I can't NOT love him

2) The hair. Ladies likey the hair. And I cannot exclude myself, sadly.

3) He's the cutest one. Which isn't a reason, I know, but... well... you can go eat cheese, you pink pair of pants!

Comments from Renzo:

Can I just say Disney Channel? And what is with those Frida Kahlo eyebrows? He looks like those glasses you buy with the fake nose and mustache and eyebrows.

Rating: 0 out of 5

Ryan Ross

Ryan Ross. Bassist of Panic at the Disco. Future husband of moi. I lvoe this guy.

1) He's like a pixie! It's like if Gerard is King of Hottieland, Ryan is the head fairy. Seriously. It's those delicate pixieish looks that do it for me... *melt*

 2) Have you heard his voice? It is amazing! Especially in 'She Had the World'. Pretty Odd, you say? Whatever. I already know that you mean Pretty AWESOME!!!

3) He is a disgustingly amazing lyricist. Anything he hiccups is WAY better than MY lyrics.

Comments from Renzo:

Jess: Wait, wait, wait. Oh, my goodness. PLEASE don't bash Ryan.

Renzo: Just write, "No Comment."

Jess: ...


Patrick Stump

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Renzo's a hater, but Pat's still my boo!

1) HIs voice is so soft and amazing. I absolutely lvoe you. And yes, I meant lvoe. I'm trying to start an internet revolution.

2) He's really amazing with instruments. He could be a band, but then  there'd be no Pete... *shivers just thinking about it*

3) He's from Chicago. Chicago is the third coolest place in the world. Seriously. Check my 'Top Ten Coolest Places in the World' list in the top ten thread.

Comments (Bashings) from Renzo:

First, he looks like a girl, and the hat is NOT helping.

Rating: Subzero out of five

Christian Bale

Um... I think Christian Bale is just okay. So this one goes to Randa who loves him. Take it away, Randa!

1) AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! He's the hottest guy on this list!!!!! All others suck and are ugly. Okay, best movies... Empire of the Sun, The Dark Knight, 3:10 To Yuma, Equilibrium, and Swing Kids.

2) Okay, how can you not love his face?! Oh, and he has rock hard abs and I lvoe him!!!!!

3) His voice! Disregard the rough screaming quality of his batman voice. Watch Empire of the Sun and listen to his vocal solo in the British boys' choir! You'll die! Also his awesome British Accent when he's not Batman.

Comments from Renzo: *sighs* I don't want to do this near Randa.

Rating (by Randa): five out of five

James Franco


James Franco makes my day. Like, his smile is so meltingly warm... Ah... I couldn't find a great pic with hi smile, so here he is, looking mysterious and quite lovely, if I do say so myself. But I'm biased.

1) It seems like his eyes smoulder no matter where they look...

2) He is totally cute in every movie he plays in! I mean, he is totally hoter than Heath Ledger (who's number 19, in case anyone cares to know.)

3) He was in Spiderman, and that ALWAYS helps.

Comments from Renzo: Um, I guess.

Jess: Bwa-

Renzo: No, that's not it. I guess he's cute-

Jess: ACK!!!

Renzo: *ignores* But the only movie I've seen him in he was a psychopath, so I'm kinda confused.

Jess: ... This is a rating of cuteness only.

Renzo: Yeah, but to me personality counts.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Hayami Mokomichi

...I didn't know who this was until I stumbled upon him, looking for a photo for the 'Koukou Debut Thread'.

1) He's Japanese.

2) He's hot.

3) He plays as Night Tenjo in Zettai Kareshi. I haven't seen it but the manga was AWESOME, so whatever.

Comments from Renzo: He kinda looks like a girl.

Jess: Really?

Renzo: Yes. The hair doesn't help.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Benjamin Barnes

*BEEPBEBEBEBEEEP!!!* Hot Prince alert! I finally saw Narnia: Prince Caspian, and in addition, I have seen two things:

- Disney Previews

- His gorgeous FACE

1) He's English! Yummy scrumboes!

2) He's so Prince Charming. Like, Sleeping Beauty, toss that other Prince out. Benjamin is available.

3) ...Look to your left.


Repeat until satisfied.

Comments from Renzo: Aside from the fact that he's playing a fictional prince-

Rating: 4 out of 5

Taylor Lautner

Ever since the new Twilight movie came out, everyone's been all, "Oh, Taylor, Taylor!" BUT, I just HAVE to address this. I WAS IN FANGIRLY LVOE WITH HIM FIRST. Back in the day- the day being like, five years ago- Sharkboy and Lavagirl had just come out. I thought he was pretty fine. But everyone said, "Ew. The guy who plays Sharkboy?" Yup. THEY DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER HIS NAME. So, I was here first. Just saying.

1) Sharkboy has always been hot. Always.

2) He's so funny! I watched Youtube like a (obsessive) hawk. I lvoe him.

3) *bark bark* I lvoe dogs. LIke LIFE.

Comments from Renzo:


Jude Law

Jude Law. You have NO idea how hard it is to get a good picture of you. NO. Idea. *stormy weather* *shrugs it off* Bu I found one! ^_^ *rejoices* ANYway, down to business:

1) He plays in lots of movie where his main role is to DAZZLE US. Example: The Holiday. He was my mental bf in that movie.

2) His name is punny. Like, there's Judge Judy, and she is a judge of LAW. His name is Jude, which is the male version of JUDY and his last name is law. Oh, yeah. Totally punny.

3) I lvoe him. Intensly with out his funny little grins. He's so quirky!

Comments from Renzo:


Tobey Maguire


I. Love. Tobey. I've ALWAYS adored Tobey. Seriously.

1) He played Spiderman. Superhero's are simply... wow. Rawr.

2) Bedhead. Rawr... rer.

3) *sighs* He's SUCH a great actor!!!

Comments from Renzo:


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