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Welcome to the 'Jess-tionary'. It's basically a page made JUST so you can understand me and my many witty fake wordicisms. ^_^

go eat cheese

go eat cheese (v.)~ an insult that literally translates to, "Go find food to stuff your mouth with (which would have effectively shut you up)  and leave me alone."

Example: Dude, get out of my face. Go eat cheese. 

go lick a can

go lick a can (v.)~ an insult that means "Go lick a (garbage) can", or "Go somewhere.  Else."

Example:  God, you irritate me. You know what? You can go lick a can.

pink pair of pants

Pink Pair of Pants (n.)~ an insult meaning you are a pair of pants. And you're pink.



wordicisms (n.)~ words that do not exist in the real world, but are oft used by their creator.

 Example: I hsven't a word to describe how I feel, so I'll just make up a quick wordicism to say how I feel.


weamo (adj.)~ something that really, really sucks.

Example: Dude, ew. Screamo is Weamo. 


lvoe (n.)~ love, only cooler sounding. Pronouced 'luh- voh'.

Example: I totally lvoe you for sending me that email..

tskity, tskity

tskity, tskity (n.)~ A sound made meaning 'Shame on You'. 

Example: Eep! Don't just stand there and let ME do all the word. Ugh. Tskity, tskity.

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