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Hello... My name is Jess and I am an obsessee of sorts. When I fall into something that I think is amazing, I TRULY fall into it. SO, this is a site dedicated to all those things. Being me, I am obsessed with the manga, music- at the moment, Tokio Hotel and My Chemical Romance have particularly captured my attention, reading, writing, watching movies, playing video games, all things Japanese, all things French, all things German, Discovery Health Channel (So informative!) and an assortment of certain shows.

I figure I can review, summarize, etc. You can find out what's good and what... well, what sucks on here and I can blather uninterrupted, so we're BOTH happy. ^_^

Trezzie Important Notice from moi:

If you're from MCMB, PLEASE, do NOT put in your email address to comment. It's not necessary. I don't know how to take it off. So just don't do it.

New! (as of March 19)

I have added new sections! As well as deleted the Guestbook. Sorry! Uhm...

New sections are!

Videos- basically videos I find amusing. Currently, though, all there is are a few songs. *shrugs*

The Creeper Treasury- basically pictures of hotties. Comment as you please.

Also, new pictures! (Of course.) Bill Kaulitz! And Gustav! And MCR-two new ones, respectively- (in the "Bands" album)!

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