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Tell My Essay That It Can Go Suck a Candy Cane

Posted on December 16, 2008 at 9:00 PM
Dear Blog,

I have this... person that I know who is something of a control freak. Like, if nothing goes her way, she find SOME way to manipulate it until it does. And the sad thing?

I used to want to be like her. I used to be like, "Man, I wish I were more like-" Oops! Almost told you her name! You're not getting it out of me that easily. I'm not stupid. I promise.

The thing is, after everything goes her way fine and dandy- you know, I've been properly trampled and my father is PO'ed at me- she's tries to be buddy buddy. Um, I think not.
Anyway, the reason my essay can suck it because it's taking forever to do. I SWEAR, IT'S DOING IT ON PURPOSE!!! *mini-sob*


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